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Site Updates

So our lack of updates isn’t without cause.  Of which there are many, of which we shall not list.  Our forums had to be pulled temporarily until we can curb the apparent spam.  Our comments sections have all been pulled … Continue reading

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Lag, Lessons, and Beer

So for the past two months we have been battling in game latency of between 300 ms – 3000+ms in the evenings (you know, those pesky raid times).  This has made gaming insanely hard to do, pvp impossible but pve just annoying. … Continue reading

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Prom Kings is Hiring!

Sort of… We are looking for a few more content authors. What can we pay:  Nothing! What do you get:  Not much! What we can promise you:  The world! (*Pending you actually already own it and are willing to give … Continue reading

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Bounty Hounds Closed Beta

Bounty Hounds closed beta started the 5th and is running through the 9th of September.  It’s a FTP MMORPG coming out that is a Sci-fi type of game, so far it looks very interesting with great graphics and good game … Continue reading

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Diablo III Currency Based Auction House

So Blizzard finally announced their Diablo III currency based auction house. Thus far the reception has been mixed, but I see it as a good thing.  No longer will you have to trash good items you could have, at the … Continue reading

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Starcraft II Tournament

As many of you well know, there is currently a Starcraft II world tournament being held exclusively online.  All regions and all levels of players are involved.  It’s a great thing, with some amazing prizes for those that are lucky enough and … Continue reading

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Exciting Changes Coming!

We have some exciting events coming up. We are working on opening the forums back up for all to use, as we said before, sorry but all accounts were lost in the migration so everyone from the Original PK will … Continue reading

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Forums Online

Our forums are back online and running.  There are currently no forums on it though, so you cannot post or anything currently. 😉 However, if you are an original member of PK, your information was lost in data migration due … Continue reading

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One month in with just a basic page up and we are already logging 2k visitors a month. Seems we can still do a few things right around here.

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PK Returns!

To the web world.  Stay tuned for new info and direction!

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