Starcraft II Tournament

As many of you well know, there is currently a Starcraft II world tournament being held exclusively online.  All regions and all levels of players are involved.  It’s a great thing, with some amazing prizes for those that are lucky enough and good enough to win.

However, there are a lot of glaring errors in the tournament itself.  At least on the Amateur level.

The first of which I would like to point out is the lack of player participation.  There are any number of players that you can look up that have almost 100% forfeiture wins.  What kind of judgement is that of the scale of players in the tournament?  Personally I am in the tournament still and I am probably the most terrible RTS player known to exist, but I am in the top 1000 of the tournament, which currently has 3,662 competitors and started with over 7,000.  How does this happen?  Poor management of players.  I realize that some of them dropped out due to their work or life schedules not allowing them to play at that time, but if it does, tell one of the people running it so that you can be removed.  Lets not even go into the 15 minute post-match time, grace window; the idea of that must come from a really liberal person, I’ve never known anything that would let you show up 15 minutes late and still go.  If one person is there and signed in 30 minutes early, the other person can show up 10 minutes late and not show a penalty, forget that.  On time or get out.

Which brings up the second issue.  Lack of communication methods to the officials.  Sure you can use vent, but how is that a good means of communication?  When you got to the main page  you bring up a review of specific matches and a video.  No where are there methods or announcements for what exactly is going on with the tournament itself.  There are no forums, no division forums, no discussion forums, and no feedback forums.  Poor management again.

Lastly, the tournament itself is pretty lack-luster.  During round one there were two matches per week, per player, totaling 7 rounds of play.  During round two there are four matches per week, per player, totaling 9 rounds of play.  This tends itself to a very slow, very dull, play style for the tournament.  No one really wants to spend their summer nights tied to the computer for all of it; granted there will be some here and there that play Starcraft near constantly that are ok with it, but when you look at it from an East-Coasters time frame, the schedule sucks.  The possibility of playing a game at 11pm on a Sunday is just droning.  The best part is, so far the actual tournament hasn’t even started.  Thus-far it has basically been weeding out people that are not really playing in the tournament, while kicking out a few bad players along the way.

When the real tournament phase beings it will be just as bad.  Ten rounds, two times a week, skipping Labor day.

Overall, the tournament is great, the prizes are awesome, but the management in general is poorly done.  I really hope that they can learn from their errors and run a better, more focused tournament in the future.  It’s a great opportunity to meet players, expand your game ability and learn new methods of play.  BUT, you have to actually be given the chance to play for it to work out at all, sadly.

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