Diablo III Currency Based Auction House

So Blizzard finally announced their Diablo III currency based auction house.

Thus far the reception has been mixed, but I see it as a good thing.  No longer will you have to trash good items you could have, at the very least, given to someone else, now you have the option to make income from it.  If you sold twelve items a day at $5 a piece, you would be making the same as working eight hours a day at near minimum wage, at least for the area I’m in.  That isn’t too bad really; especially for the summer for a kid that may not have any other way to get a “real” job.

You can also throw things up from any battle.net account toon or in their shared stash.  That makes it even better, no worries of what to do; just list it!  The only real stipulation comes in that there is a nominal transaction fee, which hasn’t been listed yet.  If it’s like Warcraft, however, it won’t really be noticeable.  So you make $4.75 off of $5, oh well, sell one more item and you have covered the fee, plus some extra cash.  Doesn’t sound like a terrible system at all at this point.

The other good thing, is that people should no longer have the temptation to buy gold or whatever to buy an item.  They have essentially squashed the middle man in that area.  Before a person that may have kids and a job and more responsibility then they can name, but still wants to play his toon and have fun, may have gone somewhere, purchased some gold to buy a few BoE epics off the AH in Warcraft.  But here, all they have to do is log in, look up the items they want, pay the $$$ and they have it.  Plus it keeps the money going to Blizzard, which we all want to do right?  No one really wants to see a company as large as them fail or fall under, so even if you say no, you really mean yes if you keep playing. 😉

All in all, as long as the economy in the game is decent and going good, everything will be perfect.  However, if it goes like so many F2P games have gone in the past when they bring out currency based AH systems, it will be bad and it will fail.

And lets not forget, you can still use gold to buy things in the AH, so nothing new there. 😉

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