Gamers Guide: Job Interviews

So you’ve been unemployed for the better part of a year (or longer) and you’ve finally determined you need to start making some cash. You’ve been out of high school for a couple of years, hell you probably even have a degree or some sort. You probably earned that degree like a normal kid, right out of high school, and again like a normal kid it didn’t assist you in getting a job in anything more than food service or a factory, right?

It’s no big secret that the American economy is not accomadating to those in search of employment. If you ask many college graduates who didn’t major in medicine or something really specific they’ll probably tell you that they would have probably had a better chance at getting a job if they had no higher education at all.

The common rejection letter from many companies will tell you something along the lines of ‘you’re overqaulified for this position’. The shit of it is, it’s a basic starting position in a company that has something to do with your degree. You have the knowledge but you have no job experience to back it up. So, you continued looking for a job as much as you could stand to but you ended up sitting at home for the past year, playing video games and feeling a little worthless and cheated for all that effort you wasted on an education that’s done nothing for you.

This may not be your story, but for a lot of us out there, it is. So what can you do about it? You need a job, don’t you? You want to make money but we both know you don’t deserve to flip burgers for minimum wage.

This is where gaming comes into the picture.

Say you’re attempting to get a part time management job in a small office somewhere. It’s true you haven’t had an actual job in a year. But you played video games, right? Whether you were raiding online with several other people in an MMORPG or destroying the opposing team with a few other people using guns and hiding behind buildings… you were building a skill set for a resume.

How, you may ask? Well what did doing those things require you to do? You used communication every time you had to coordinate who went to what check point or who was doing the interrupt on the boss. You were managing others and using teamwork to execute an objective. You were multi-tasking and working under the pressure of a deadline. If you led the team or the raid, then all the better. You were using leadership! Now what’s that look like on a resume?


-Macro management
-Working well under the pressure of a deadline
-Working towards specific objectives to achieve and exceed expected results

(These are just your basic examples, depending on what games you play this can become a huge list!)

Now couple that with what education or previous work experience you may actually have and you’ve got one hell of a resume. And if that resume lands you an interview, you may not want to be quick to feel ashamed of how you gained and utilized those skills you listed. It may seem silly from an average onlookers perspective but there are millions of gamers in this world. What’s to say that Bill from Human Resources doesn’t play those games too? And to unapologetically be confident about yourself and what you have been able to accomplish in your life, regardless of the lack of income from it, can be a great thing to an employer.

I’m not saying that talking about video games will always make you look like a good candidate, but you can spin that year of being unemployed and poor into a good thing if you realize just how much you do actually do when you play video games.

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