Gamers Guide: Flirting

If you’re like most gamers you probably don’t openly attempt to make a connection with creatures of the opposite gender. What you most likely lack is confidence. But you shouldn’t! Why, you may ask? Because you’re a kickass gamer!

What most gamers seem to not realize is that being a geeky gamer is attractive to a lot of people! Sure, you’re not every ones type, but you are definantly someones type. You can retell the adventures of hobbits and you can describe what it’s like to slay a dragon! You can probably tell me what the exact guns you use to murder faces with are. You are kickass. You just need to believe that you are.

When it comes to opening a conversation as a gamer the key is to go lightly into it. Don’t be too specific or overly descriptive of something from the very go. Don’t get too eager with your badass nerd knowledge. You have to open just like you would when you’re attempting to find out information from the enemy while being undercover. You have to be willing to listen and give just enough information so that the other party is comfortable.

Once you initiate the conversation you have to add up your experience points secretly in your mind. If she smiled, gain a point. If you made her laugh, 2 points. If she got excited enough to share related stories back, 3 points. Basically you’re aiming to gain about 10 points with her before progressing forth in your quest to flirt.

Once you’re settled in and she’s comfortable with you, then you can be a little more specific. Tell her about the time you staked out in an abandoned building, alone, and held off 6 enemy targets until backup arrived. Tell her how funny it was to ninja something right out from under another players nose. If she is still interested, then you’re almost ready to move on. When you get her smiling, maybe twirling hair or biting her bottom lip, you want to offer a lot of eye contact.

By now she thinks you’re a kickass assassin who can hack the head off of enemies 10x your size. She may not even understand the things you’re talking about but she can imagine how it must feel to be a part of this. You’ve intrigued her. This is good. This is when you can start to share the sadder feats of your gaming hobby. Tell her about the wife you failed to save from the grips of Hell. The princess you just couldn’t quite rescue. She wants to be that princess. You have to make her that princess. She wants the adventure. It’s because you are a kickass story teller who can make her laugh AND cry. You rule.

If she’s still there, grab her hand. Tell her she’s the princess you always searched for and could never save. She wants to know you’ll save her. If she is still smiling, sometimes avoiding eye contact… then she wants to kiss you. Kiss her!

If you pulled out all the nerd cards and kept her interested the whole time then you’ve found a badass girl with whom you should continue flirting with. Keep giving her all the geeky details, she likes them. For all you know she may just want to try gaming with you now. Go you!

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