Gamers Guide: Car Shopping

Car shopping is a task that a lot of people do not thoroughly enjoy.  This is mostly due to the way in which car dealerships and their sales employees approach their customers.  If you simply just want to browse, be prepared for a barrage of questions and a swarm of bees that follow you around.

Car shopping can be fun, though, if you make it fun.  Don’t let the persistent sales associate ruin this game for you.  Think of them as an aggressive mob that you cannot actually kill.  You have to be creative about how you can get rid of this tail you will have.

There are most likely two types of salesman aggro you will gain.  The first type is the aggressive and pushy kind of mob.  These are the worst.  They do not hear you.  You can politely state multiple times that you do not want any assistance at this time and they will cling to you like a fly on food.  To gain some distance from this type of salesman, you must give them something constructive to do.  Ask them for keys.  Ask them for a brochure.  And when they disappear to find these items for you, work fast to view what you wanted to see so that there is less for them to bother you about when they return.  These salesman are determined to sell you something, don’t let them win!

The second likely type of sales aggro you will experience is the passive but assertive type.  These are slightly easier to deal with in terms of they are less annoying.  But they will attempt to sell you something.  They are sneaky, so don’t let them trick you!  And they will be the most likely to call you several times after your browsing quest just to see if they can win you over.

The rarest form of salesman is that of the one who will greet you and offer to help, then leave you alone if you request as much.   These are who you want to spend your money with.  They understand that you may just want to look.  Or that your quest has only started and you are not ready to commit to something.  They listen to you.  If you find one of these, they’re the one you want to give your number to because they will take care of you, not irritate you.

Now that you know what to expect and look when you approach your journey into purchasing a means of transportation, here is what to expect next.  You find a dealership with a salesperson you can stand to deal with.  You find the vehicle of your dreams.  How much does it cost?  Well, if you are like most people then you probably don’t have enough gold coins to outright purchase your new mount.  So what can you do?  Well, you may be able to get a loan from the good ol’ bank that allows you to pay back the money that your mount cost you, over time.  This is called financing.

Should you choose to go the financing route, you will want to ask yourself a few things.  Have you made any major purchases before?  Do you know your credit score?  Is it a decent score or is it lacking?  If none of that makes any sense to you, then you will probably need someone to assist you in getting the loan for this fancy new ride.  This is called a co-signer.  This person basically signs a paper that states that in the event of your failure to pay your loan installments, they are responsible for paying them for you.  A co-signer is typically someone with a strong credit history who has paid on a loan of some nature before and has and understanding of what they are helping you do.

Once you get this snag in the quest chain knocked out, you can proceed to learn about pricing and getting a good deal.  If you have never seen this whole event in action before you may be overwhelmed. The good news is that it is not as bad as you may think it is.  Approach the boss of this battle armed with knowledge.  This will be your most beneficial weapon in this fight.  Know what the value of your vehicle purchase is.   Know what it should be selling for and make sure that you look it over; test drive it, and learn about its history before agreeing to a price on it.  Make sure you are paying what it is actually worth.  Stand your ground and eventually the boss will either give or offer you a happy compromise.

When you negotiate an agreement on how much you will be paying for, you are nearly finished with this quest chain!  The final steps involve paperwork and lots of signatures.  You will most likely be offered extras, just make sure you ask questions about any of the things you do not understand during this process.  Once you sign the paperwork you are on your way to driving off on your new mount.

If you survived the journey that is purchasing a vehicle then you are well suited to continue on in your life.  You have passed a tough test and you are now ready to take on the next chapter later on in life… buying a home!

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