Lag, Lessons, and Beer

So for the past two months we have been battling in game latency of between 300 ms – 3000+ms in the evenings (you know, those pesky raid times).  This has made gaming insanely hard to do, pvp impossible but pve just annoying.

I’m not one to speak too soon, but as of right now I am in game at 51 ms at 7pm.  There is no way to describe how happy of a feeling this is!  I know most people have the luxuries of near T1 connections and all that jazz anymore, but we do not.  We live in a farming community and are limited only to a DSL connection.  The problem is, our DSL company recently sold to a smaller DSL company.  While said Company A was working out a deal with Company B; Company A left our area entirely un-monitored and unsupervised and as a result, the entire infrastructure collapsed basically.

Our area supposedly was no where near capacity on the local CO, but obviously it was.  I finally was able to get through to someone that didn’t think I was just some old guy trying to download porn at peak hours and needed a walk through on how to power cycle my modem.  The result was a number of problems found all along the entire system.  Hopefully all of which shall be fixed within the next 48 hours!  I’m not happy that it took so long for something to happen, when we obviously are not the only ones that are affected by said problem, but I am happy it seems to finally be getting fixed.

Things we may, or may not, have done while we were unable to raid:
Go to more bars
Watch more movies
Drink more beer
Play other games
Download random videos (that took over an hour to download and 5 minutes to watch)
Not spend weekends at home
Watch more movies
Download random games that may, or may not, have been any good at all

Oh and I should also add, the same time I had no Xbox Live account due to a decently common account hack that’s been going around and I lost all my Live points too!  Cool!

Also, Blog of nothing!  (Yay!)

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