Exciting Changes Coming!

We have some exciting events coming up.

We are working on opening the forums back up for all to use, as we said before, sorry but all accounts were lost in the migration so everyone from the Original PK will have to resign-up.

We also have a lot of guest authors collaborating on content for this weblog!  All great articles, all exciting stuff.

So stay tuned, we’ll be back to 100% soon enough!

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Forums Online

Our forums are back online and running.  There are currently no forums on it though, so you cannot post or anything currently. 😉

However, if you are an original member of PK, your information was lost in data migration due to a loss of the previous server, so you will have to renew your information.  Just send anyone of us a message if you have a problem.


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One month in with just a basic page up and we are already logging 2k visitors a month.

Seems we can still do a few things right around here.

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PK Returns!

To the web world.  Stay tuned for new info and direction!

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